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Statistics in Spanish football: what is its importance?

Do you know why statistics are so important in Spanish football ? Discover the importance of statistics when making football bets .

The importance of statistics in football

Mastering the statistics in the world of sports betting is essential if we want to become winning players in the long term. Football matches have a multitude of open markets and the lines that the bookmakers offer in each market have to do with the statistics accumulated by the different teams in the competition and, therefore, with the probability that a certain result will occur. .

The bookies have the latest technology and a huge amount of human resources to adjust the lines as much as possible. That is why it is very important that we know how to handle the information that statistics offer us in order to be able to place bets on football and other sports with guarantees.

A few months ago we explained some of the best statistics pages on the internet. Correctly using the information they offer to their users can lead us to become winning players in the long term because information is the bettor’s most powerful weapon to achieve profits in the world of sports betting.

Soccer statistics.  Fouls

Historical and current statistics

When we analyze the statistics of a certain match, we can find two types of data: on the one hand, those that the two teams accumulate throughout their history in their particular duels and, on the other, those that have been generated in the last matches or the current season. That is, historical and current statistics .

The former are very useful to discover rivals who choke some teams, cursed stadiums in which a certain team has never won, the number of cards shown and similar data; but these types of statistics are not very useful for markets such as corners, handicaps , the number of fouls in a match, etc.

Because the composition of each squad changes with the times and the players are the ones who really play the games. Therefore, historical statistics should not be underestimated, because they are part of history for something, but the bettor must take into account the most current data to place his bets with more confidence.

How to win bets with statistics

Something as simple, a priori, as betting on the number of corners that there will be in a football match requires important statistical work . On the one hand, the bookmakers have analyzed the history of corner kicks between the participating teams; on the other, they will have taken into account the streak in which they reach the game; They will even have valued the probable starting team, in case some footballers who have a more extreme profile play and, therefore, tend to generate more danger on the wings and more corner situations.

This work is done from the bookies in each game and the result is the lines that they take out on their website. But even though the lines are tight, the players also have their chance to win: use those same statistics to analyze against which type of team more or less corners are taken and take into account other factors, such as the environment, the need for teams or match speech in live betting is critical to achieving profit.

But thanks to the statistics we can know data that lead us to opt for a certain result or, vice versa, to bet against the bookie that something will happen. If, for example, the starting striker of Real Madrid or Barcelona has not scored a goal for 5 games, it is possible that his quota has risen in recent weeks: however, we know his potential, so we can risk relying on his aim and make our bet that in the next game he will score a goal.

Football statistics.  Ball

Other typical markets for soccer betting, such as the cards to be shown in a match, are also directly linked to statistics: the data tells us that some referees are more likely to show more cards than others; They even alert us that there are ‘hot games’ in which, historically, both teams have received many cards. That is why using statistics is essential to achieve winning bets in the long run.

The same happens in other markets such as the number of goals, fouls or possession of the ball , statistics can be decisive to help us get winning bets. The more information we have about an event, the more likely we are to get a green in our bet. Although we must never forget that sport is sport and, therefore, any result is possible.